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Monday, April 25, 2022

Bates’ Nursing Guide to Physical Assessment Pdf Download

Bates’ Nursing Guide to Physical Assessment

 Bates’ Nursing Guide to Physical Assessment and History Taking is designed for undergraduate nursing students. In this ever-changing and diverse health care arena, nurses are at the forefront in coordinating and providing holistic care for the patient in many venues. Assessment is a key nursing function that ensures the patient receives optimal care. The text provides assessment tools to assist the student to obtain a thorough history and performing a comprehensive physical examination of each patient. The student will learn how to ask pertinent questions and recognize verbal and nonverbal cues while eliciting information related to patient complaints in each body system. The student will then use these history findings and critical thinking skills to prioritize and guide the physical examination. The subjective and objective findings obtained during the assessment will provide the basis for the nursing diagnoses and patient plan of care. Health promotion and disease prevention are highlighted for nurses to incorporate when educating patients, families, and communities.

Bates’ Nursing Guide helps students build on basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology as the lifelong and timeless skills of patient assessment are acquired. Throughout the book, the focus and emphasis is the“normal” patient. Common or important problems are highlighted rather than the rare or obscure. Occasionally, physical signs of rare disorders are included if they hold a solid niche in classic physical assessment or represent a disorder that is critical to the life of the patient. Each chapter explicitly reflects strong evidence based perspective, listing key citations that closely align content with new evidence from the health care literature. Colour helps readers find chapter sections and tables more easily and it highlights insets of key material and special tips for challenging aspects of examination such as examining the eye or assessing the jugular venous pressure.

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