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Monday, June 21, 2021

Textbook of Gynecology Download Pdf | Nursing Pdf Books Free Download

 Textbook of Gynecology

This widely acclaimed Dutta's Textbook of Gynecology has stepped into its sixth edition within a span of twenty-three years. Since its predecessor, each area of gynaecology has evolved substantially due to the concurrent progress in the field of molecular biology, technology and imaging. The amount of knowledge to acquire and develop by the students, residents, and clinicians is enormous. Retaining the basic objectives of Dutta, for his textbook, this edition has been revised extensively in the light of the current wealth of information and for the need of our targeted readers. Each chapter of this book is authoritative. Consistency and uniformity with updated information in all the chapters is a special feature of this text.

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This edition has been made more user-friendly in terms of presentation of text matters, graphics, design and use of different colour codes. Colour code helps to highlight the core knowledge (must-know area) and presents high-quality photographs, anatomical drawings, and imaging studies. The text has been enriched with tables, diagrams, boxes, charts, and algorithms that could be reproduced easily. Key points at the end of each chapter are for quick and easy revision. The state-of-the-art in Dutta's text lies in the presentation which is simple, lucid, clear, and concise. Above all, it provides a balanced distillation of evidence-based information upon which a student, trainee resident, a practitioner, and a nurse can fully depend.

Chapters on basic areas (chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 9), reproductive endocrinology (chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 28,31, 33), menopause (chapter 6), diagnostic and imaging technologies (chapter 9), pelvic infections (chapters 10, 11, 12), oncology (chapters 22, 23, 30), urogynecology (chapters 24 and 25), contraception (chapter29) have either been thoroughly revised or exhaustively rewritten. New topics, for example, adolescent gynaecology (chapter 32), sexual dysfunction (chapter 33), gene therapy (chapter 30) have been incorporated. Chapters in general gynaecology 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 have been extensively updated. The chapter on pelvic organ prolapse (chapter 15) has been rewritten, based upon the latest concept of pelvic anatomy and the ‘new' concepts of repair. Operative gynaecology (chapter 34) is meant to provide the basic principles of commonly performed gynecologic surgery to guide an apprentice. More emphasis has been given on case selection (indications), principal steps of operation and the complications. The chapter on endoscopic (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic) surgery (Chapter 35) has been rewritten, as it has gained its place to a large extent.

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The chapter on practical gynaecology (chapter 37) consists of several hundreds of questions along with answers, explanations and high-quality photographs and plates of imaging studies. This chapter is designed to help the students in their preparations for the clinical and oral parts of the examination. The self-assessment questionnaire having objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) format is to improve the clinical competence of the students. The total information given in chapter 37 amounts to a "mini-textbook-cum-color atlas" of gynaecology. More than 470 figures, photographs, sketches and drawings have been incorporated.

Considering the vast amount of scientific information and progressive research, it is practically impossible to limit the subject matter within the few pages of this book. Arrangements have been made, through electronic media (website, e-mails) for the readers who wish to know more [highlighted in the text 'more information'; 'ask the author']. Information regarding examination situation (theory, viva-voce and multiple choice questions and answers, clinical examination procedures, operation video clips) have been provided through these electronic resources (

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