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Friday, July 9, 2021

Fundamentals of Nursing 9th Edition Potter and Perry Pdf Download | Nursing Books Pdf Download

 Fundamentals of Nursing

The nursing profession is always responding to dynamic change and continual challenges. Today nurses need a broad knowledge base from which to provide care. More important, nurses require the ability to know how to apply the best evidence in practice to ensure the best outcomes for their patients. The role of the nurse includes assuming the lead in preserving nursing practice and demonstrating its contribution to the health care of our nation. Nurses of tomorrow, therefore, need to become critical thinkers, patient advocates, clinical decision-makers, and patient educators within a broad spectrum of care services.

The ninth edition of Fundamentals of Nursing was revised to prepare today's students for the challenges of tomorrow. This textbook is designed for beginning students in all types of professional nursing programs. The comprehensive coverage provides fundamental nursing concepts, skills, and techniques of nursing practice and a firm foundation for more advanced areas of study.

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Fundamentals of Nursing provides a contemporary approach to nursing practice, discussing the entire scope of primary, acute, and restorative care. This new edition continues to address a number of key current practice issues, including an emphasis on patient-centred care and evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice is one of the most important initiatives in health care today. The increased focus on applying current evidence in skills and patient care plans helps students understand how the latest research findings should guide their clinical decision making.

Key Features

We have carefully developed this ninth edition with the student in mind. We have designed this text to welcome the new student to nursing, communicate our own love for the profession, and promote learning and understanding. Key features of the text include the following:

• Students will appreciate the clear, engaging writing style. The narrative actually addresses the reader, making this textbook more of an active instructional tool than a passive reference. Students will find that even complex technical and theoretical concepts are presented in a language that is easy to understand.

• Comprehensive coverage and readability of all fundamental nursing content.

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• The attractive, functional design will appeal to today's visual learner. The clear, readable type and bold headings make the content easy to read and follow. Each special element is consistently color-keyed so students can readily identify important information.

• Hundreds of large, clear, full-color photographs and drawings reinforce and clarify key concepts and techniques.

• The nursing process format provides a consistent organizational framework for clinical chapters.

• Learning aids help students identify, review, and apply important content in each chapter andinclude Objectives, Key Terms, Key Points, Clinical Application Questions, and Review Questions.

• Evolve Resources lists at the beginning of every chapter detail the electronic resources available for the student.

• Health promotion and acute and continuing care are covered to address today's practice in various settings.

• A health promotion/wellness thread is used consistently throughout the text.

• Cultural awareness, care of the older adult, and patient teaching are stressed throughout chapter narratives and are highlighted in special boxes.

• Procedural Guidelines boxes provide more streamlined, step-by-step instructions for performing very basic skills.

• Concept Maps in each clinical chapter show you the association between multiple nursing diagnoses for a patient with a selected medical diagnosis and the relationship between nursing interventions.

• Nursing Care Plans guide students on how to conduct an assessment and analyze the defining characteristics that indicate nursing diagnoses. The plans include NIC and NOC classifications to familiarize students with this important nomenclature. The evaluation sections of the plans show students how to evaluate and then determine the outcomes of care.

• A critical thinking model provides a framework for all clinical chapters and show how elements of critical thinking, including knowledge, critical thinking attitudes, intellectual and professional standards, and experience are integrated throughout the nursing process for making clinical decisions.

• More than 50 nursing skills are presented in a clear, two-column format with steps and supporting rationales that are often supported with current, evidence-based research.

• Delegation Considerations guide when it is appropriate to delegate tasks to assistive personnel.

• Unexpected Outcomes and Related Interventions are highlighted within nursing skills to help students anticipate and appropriately respond to possible problems faced while performing skills.

• Video Icons indicate video clips associated with specific skills that are available online in the Evolve Student Resources.

• Printed endpapers on the inside back cover help students locate specific assets in the book, including Skills, Procedural Guidelines, Nursing Care Plans, and Concept.

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