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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Heart Sounds Made Easy: Pdf Download Link by Nurses Note

Heart Sounds Made Easy


Cardiac auscultation is one of the most difficult skills to acquire and competence in this area is extremely variable. Teaching is traditionally carried out at the bedside, with an expert describing the physical signs and the trainee nodding knowingly. The main skill acquired is the ability to appear knowledgeable while remaining mystified. This method of teaching does not allow the trainer or trainee to verify that they are appreciating the specific auscultatory features in the different parts of the cardiac cycle. We want to give you the opportunity to learn auscultation skills as if you have a consultant cardiologist present to teach you at your convenience. This is a short and accessible book that takes you through the questions that we ask ourselves when listening to heart sounds. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the CD of heart sounds recorded from actual patients.

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The Heart Sounds Made Easy CD is an interactive tool based on the latest digital audio technology. It allows users to listen to a recording and either eliminate or enhance the different components until they are confident that they have correctly identified the sounds in all phases of the cardiac cycle. This is particularly important for the recognition of diastolic sounds which are the most difficult to appreciate. There is no better way to confirm the presence of such a murmur than to have the facility to reduce or increase its intensity. This software is now used routinely for teaching auscultation to students and junior doctors on the Wessex Cardiothoracic Unit in Southampton, where it has proved successful and popular.


In the five years since the first edition of the book was published, computer software has changed considerably and so we felt we needed to update our CD. This has allowed us to add new features, such as the ability to slow the heart sounds down without altering their pitch. We have also changed the layout of the CD to make it easier to access. We have added questions and answers in the book and on the CD to allow readers to monitor their knowledge and progress. The visual representation of the cardiac cycle will also allow readers to understand the origin of the heart sounds. We hope that you find the book and CD are a useful educational aid.

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